Knowledge of diesel engine lubrication system

Knowledge of diesel engine lubrication system

Principle of lubrication system action

The lubrication system of the diesel engine of the diesel generator set is the main part of the diesel engine depends on the pressure oil supplied by the oil pump to lubricate, its oil circuit forms a circulation system, and other parts are lubricated by splash oil.

The oil of the oil bottom shell is sucked into the oil pump through the coarse filter and the suction pipe, entered the oil cooler to cool, then entered the oil filter, into the oil filter, into the oil bottom shell, all the way through the oil supercharger oil filter, After filtration, two tubings are sent into the left and right column supercharger bearing and high-pressure oil pump, and then returned from the  coil tubing to the oil bottom shell; In addition, all the way through the main oil channel of the body is divided into 3 channels, specifically:

After the main bearing seat of the engine body of the diesel engine body, it goes into the blue shaft into the oblique oil channel, and then passes to the shaft diameter of the connecting rod respectively;  Lubricated the surface of each camshaft and air distribution mechanism bypassing two camshafts and the oil channel leading to the rocker arm shaft;

The piston cooling nozzle and enter the inner cooling chamber of the piston to cool the piston. The oil from the main bearing of the connecting rod is splashed on the cylinder wall by centrifugal force to lubricate piston rings and cylinder covers. The oil from the inner cold chamber of the piston spilled into the oil hole on the small head of the connecting rod, lubricate the piston pin and the small head of the connecting rod, and the operating surface of the oil lubrication CAM with a splash in the crankcase.

Classification of the lubrication system

For example, the p-type high-pressure oil pump is divided into two types from the diesel engine lubrication system. One is from the top of the supercharger oil filter, and the oil hose is used to guide all the oil to the inlet port of the p-type pump for lubrication. The lubricating oil in the high-pressure oil pump is then connected to the body by another oil hose, which is returned to the oil sump. When the diesel engine works, the p-type high-pressure oil pump can automatically get pressure lubrication, which ensures the working reliability of the high-pressure oil pump. The other is to directly add the lubricating oil to the high-pressure oil pump in advance, which requires checking the oil ruler on the high-pressure oil pump before starting up to ensure that there is enough lubricating oil in the oil pump (vertical 6-cylinder machine is splash lubrication). Perkins engine has a high voltage common rail fuel injection system. In LandKingParts we sell Perkins engine parts and       accessories for commercial vehicles, construction machinery, forklifts, farm machinery, compressors, generator sets, and ships. Deutz engine has superb quality if there is a need, welcome to consult to buy.


Knowledge of diesel engine lubrication system


The composition of the lubrication system

The components of the engine lubrication system are mainly an organic oil pump, pressure regulator, oil filter, oil filter, oil radiator, oil pressure sensor, nozzle, oil channel, crankcase ventilation filter, etc

1. Oil sump

Used to store lubricating oil. In most engines, the oil sump also plays a role in cooling the lubricating oil.

2. Oil pump

It takes a certain amount of lubricating oil from the oil bottom shell and is pressurized by the oil pump, and continuously sends it to the surface of each part to lubricate, maintaining the circulation of lubricating oil in the lubrication system.

3. Oil filter

It is used to filter out impurities, debris, sludge, and moisture in the lubricating oil so that the lubrication parts are all clean and clean lubricating oil.

4. Oil collection filter

It is mostly filter type, can filter out the impurities with large particle size, its flow resistance is small, in series installed before the oil pump inlet. The crude oil filter is used to filter out impurities with large particle sizes in the lubricating oil, and its flow resistance is small. The fine oil filter can filter out the fine impurities in the lubricating oil, but the flow resistance is large, so it is mostly in parallel with the main oil channel, and only a small amount of lubricating oil is filtered through a fine filter.

5. Main oil channel

It is an important part of the lubrication system, which is directly cast on the cylinder block and cylinder head to transport lubricating oil to each lubrication part.

6. Pressure limiting valve

The lubricating oil pressure is used to limit the output of the oil pump. The bypass valve is in parallel with the coarse filter. When the coarse filter is blocked, the bypass valve opens and the oil pump output oil directly enters the main oil channel.

7. Oil pump suction tubing

It usually comes with a collector, soaked in oil. The effect is to avoid the impurities in the oil in the lubrication system.

8. Crankcase ventilation device

Its function is to prevent some combustible mixture and exhaust gas from entering the crankcase through the clearance between the piston ring and the cylinder wall.

9. Oil pressure switch

When the engine speed exceeds 2150r/min, if the oil pressure is lower than 180kPa, then the switch contact is closed, the alarm light shines, and the buzzer rings the alarm.

Lubrication way

The lubrication strength of each engine part depends on its environment, the relative speed of movement, and the size of mechanical load and thermal load. There are four types of lubrication.

1. Pressure lubrication

Pressure lubrication is to use the pressure of oil to transport oil to the friction surface for mandatory lubrication, such as crankshaft main bearing, connecting rod bearing and camshaft bearing, etc., need to transport oil to the clearance of the friction surface with a certain pressure.

2. Plash lubrication

The operation of the crankshaft will be used to throw oil from both sides of the bearing, forming many oil droplets or oil mist in the crankcase, splashing to the friction surface for lubrication, such as cylinder wall, piston pin, etc..

3. Comprehensive lubrication (combined pressure and splash)

This method is widely used in modern car engines.

4. Grease lubrication

Lubricate the working surface of parts, such as water pump and generator bearings, by regularly filling grease nozzle.

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