Maintenance of tractor engines

Maintenance of tractor engines

Matters needing attention

1. The new or overhauled tractor must be used normally after run-in. Each part of the tractor should be strictly used in accordance with the oil products and solutions recommended by the manufacturer.

2. Do not increase the engine speed only by controlling the throttle. Check the bolts, nuts, and other loose parts of each connection.

3. When maintaining the electrical system, we must remove the battery and set up the iron wire to avoid the electrical parts burning down. Before checking, adjusting, and maintaining the tractor and farm machinery and tools, the stop must be stopped and turned off, and the shift lever and power output joker must be placed in the airlock to lock the stop brake so that all the moving parts are still.

4. When pulling the trailer, it must be used with a traction hook and not with three points. When the tractor belt is suspended agricultural machinery and tools, the position control handle should be placed in the rising position of the agricultural machinery, and tools suddenly fall, resulting in an accident. And lock the farm tool to prevent the lift control handle from being touched.

5. The adjustment and installation of tires must be carried out by experienced personnel with special tools to avoid serious accidents caused by incorrect tire installation. When the engine is in working condition, do not screw the tank cover, should be fired and cooled after the engine, and can unscrew the tank cover.


Air filter maintenance

Check the air filter pipe connection is a good seal, nut bolt, clamping ring and so on if there is loose, should be fastened in time if there is damage to each part should be repaired or replaced in time.

Generally, it is required to maintain the air filter for every 100 hours of work. When the dry filter core is maintained, it should be cleaned with a soft brush. Spray a little oil and then assemble, the oil storage plate should be replaced with filtered oil, when adding oil, should be marked and added according to the oil surface, not to make the soil surface too high or too low, installation should ensure that the sealing ring is well sealed.

Maintenance of tractor engines

Maintenance of diesel filter

The impurities in the filter will continue to increase with the extension of the use, the filtration capacity will decrease, other parts such as the aging of the washer, damage and other causes “short circuit”, that is, diesel oil does not go through the filtration directly into the oil pump, so to maintain, the following points should be paid attention to:

The filter element section and the center shall be well sealed.

When maintaining the paper filter element, you can make foam in diesel oil for a period of time, and then brush with a soft brush.

After the filter is disassembled, the air in it shall be released.

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Valve maintenance

After 800 hours of operation, the tractor shall check and adjust the clearance of the valve and remove the carbon, check the sealing of the valve and seat after 1200 hours of operation, and grind or replace the new parts if necessary.

Maintenance of injector

Generally, after 800 hours of tractor operation, the injection pressure and fuel injection quality of the injector should be adjusted.

Maintenance of lubrication system

Add lubricating oil in time, the diesel engine starts or works for more than 10 hours, should check the oil surface height of the bottom shell.

Regularly clean the lubricating oil filter and replace the filter element.

Replace oil sump oil regularly, combine the actual situation and oil quality, and appropriate advance or delay.

Clean oil road, diesel engine work 500 hours should clean oil road.

Lubricating oil road pressure adjustment. When the diesel engine is working, if the pressure of the lubricating oil road is lower than the normal pressure, the reason should be found. In the use, if the pressure regulating spring becomes soft, the grinding or breaking will reduce the oil pressure, and the spring pre-tightening force or the spring will be replaced to restore the normal pressure.

Maintenance of clutch pressure disc

Check the free trip of the pedal and the separation clearance of the three separations.   Replace new parts when the lever or fork is badly worn.

Check the lubrication of the bearings regularly and inject butter if necessary. The tractor should be removed for 500 hours to clean the separate bearing, and then put into a container with butter to heat it. It is butter in, and when it is solidified, it is not too hot to heat.

Maintenance of the hydraulic system

Check the height of the hydraulic oil surface regularly. If not enough, add or replace the hydraulic oil, and be sure to keep it clean.

When cleaning the internal parts of the liquid pressure system, in order to prevent oil duct blockage or seal leakage, there is no cotton scrub.

Rubber sealing ring should not be washed with gasoline bubble, so as not to be spoiled, when assembling sealing ring should be coated with a little oil or soapy water, to prevent shear and tear.

Maintenance of the electrical system

To check the connection of each conductor, it must be fastened and reliable, not contaminated by diesel and oil, prevent contact with the hot part of the diesel engine, and check whether the insulation performance of the conductor is good.

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