K1221-26540 / K1221-26544 Idler Pulley For Kubota

K1221-26540 / K1221-26544 Idler Pulley

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K1221-26540 / K1221-26544 Idler Pulley to fit the following Kubota decks:
RC42-GZD(E)/(R)(GZD15-LD). RC42GZD-3(E)(R) (GZD15-3HD). RC42GZD-3(E)(R) (GZD15-3LD). RC42GZD-II(E)/(R). RCK42GREC. RCK42GREC2. RCK42GREC2(GR1600EU). RCK42GREU-2(GR1600EU-2). RCK42-LT20EU. RCK48G18. RCK48G18-PRO(G18). RCK48G18-PRO(G21). RCK48G18-PRO(G21-2). RCK48G18-PRO-F2(G21-3). RCK48GREC. RCK48GREC2. RCK48GREC2(GR2120EU). RCK48GREU-2(GR2120EU-2). RCK48GZD(GZD21-HD). RCK48GZD-2(F) (GZD21-2HD)

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