Why Do Diesel Engines Do This?

Why Do Diesel Engines Do This?

1.  Why must the generator room be clean and free from floating sand?

Answer: if the diesel engine inhales dirty air, the power will drop; If the generator inhales sand particles and other impurities, it will destroy the insulation between the clearance of the fixed rotor and lead to burning.

2.  Since 2002, our company generally does not recommend users to use neutral grounding during installation?

Answer: 1) The self-regulation function of the new generation generator is greatly enhanced; 2) It is found in practice that the lightning failure rate of neutral grounding units is high; 3) High grounding quality requirements, ordinary users can not do. Unsafe work grounding is better than no grounding; 4) The unit with neutral grounding will cover the leakage faults and grounding errors of the load, and these faults and errors cannot be exposed under the condition of large current power supply of the mains.

3.  Do all diesel generators have a self-protection function?

Answer: No. At present the market even in the same brand of units with some, some do not take. Customers must figure it out when buying units. It is best to put it in writing as an attachment to the contract. General low-price machines are not with self-protection function.

4.  How to identify fake domestic diesel engines?

Answer: Check whether have a factory certificate and product certificate first, they are the diesel engine factory “identity certificate”, which it is necessary to have. 1) Nameplate number; 2) Body number (in kind, the font is convex on the plane machined by the flywheel end); 3) Nameplate number of the oil pump. Perkins have a high quality diesel engine here, genuine products deserve to be guaranteed. In LandKingParts we sell engine parts for Perkins Engine Parts farm machinery, heavy trucks, and other large machinery, and ship engines and engine parts for Northern Lights Engine on all kinds of ships. If you need it, welcome to buy it!These three numbers must be checked with the actual number on the diesel engine accurately. If any doubt is found, these three serial numbers can be reported to the manufacturer for verification.

Why Do Diesel Engines Do This?


5.  After operating the diesel generator set, which three points should be verified first?

Answer: 1) Verify the true useful power of the unit. Then determine the economic power, and reserve power. Verification unit of the real useful method is: the power of diesel engine 12 hours reach by 0.9 rated power, a data generator power rating if less than or equal to the data, with really useful power generator power rating as the unit if the generator power rating is more than the data, you must use the data as a really useful power of the unit; 2) Verify which kinds of self-protection functions the unit has; 3) Verify whether the power connection of the unit is qualified, whether the protection grounding is reliable, and whether the three-phase load is basically balanced.

6.  There is an elevator starting motor of 22KW, how much generator set should be equipped?

Answer: 22*7=154KW (the elevator is a direct starting type with load, and the instantaneous starting current is generally 7 times the rated current to ensure uniform motion of the elevator). (i.e., at least 154KW generator set should be equipped)

7.  Why should the debugger thoroughly check whether all the fixing bolts of the unit are fixed properly before debugging? Are all line interfaces in good condition?

Answer: after long-distance transportation, sometimes there are screws and line interface loosening or falling down, which will affect debugging in light cases and damage the machine in serious cases.

8.  What level of energy does electrical energy belong to? What are the characteristics of alternating current?

Answer: electric energy belongs to secondary energy, alternating current is converted from mechanical energy, and direct current is converted from chemical energy. The characteristic of alternating current is that it cannot be stored, but it is now found to be used.

9.  Why do we require the customer to tighten all electrical contacts after every 200 hours of operation?

A: Diesel generator set is a vibrator. And a lot of domestic production or assembly units should use the double nut useless. The use of spring gaskets is useless, once the electrical fasteners lose, will produce a large contact resistance, resulting in abnormal operation of the unit.


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